Merchant Banking

At First Equity, we believe long-term success demands more than financial engineering. Our approach is comprehensive, starting at the operating level and requiring that a company build on its strengths, with management involved in the risk as well as the return. By taking an active investment role, our merchant banking activities allow us to give growth companies and turnarounds the level of commitment they need to succeed.

While First Equity is traditionally associated with aerospace and defense, our merchant banking experience also extends to other industries including the automotive, marketing and software. Regardless of the industry, we look for companies with proprietary technology or products, strong management or underutilized assets.

First Equity is not deterred by businesses being in bankruptcy or facing workouts and turnarounds. Our history of advising troubled companies has deepened our understanding of how to deal with difficult situations in our merchant banking activities. Whether it’s a combination of financial restructuring, a better strategic plan or a more focused management structure we have helped many companies overcome difficult challenges.