Aerospace Products International, Inc.

2871 Business Park Drive
Building E
Memphis, TN 38118 U.S.A.

Main: (888) 274-2497

Aerospace Products International, Inc. (API) was originally formed by a unit of American Airlines that serviced the general aviation market. APIís unique strategy of consolidating all inventory in a Memphis hub was a novel approach at the time and capitalized on the extensive infrastructure developed by FedEx. Originally known as Aircraft Parts Inc., the name was changed after the firm was purchased by First Aviation Services, Inc. (FAvS) in February 1997 to reflect both the expanding product and geographic reach of the company. The small but fast growing unit had double digit growth for many years. FAvSís strategy was to refocus API from light piston aircraft to corporate turbine and commercial aircraft and to shift from pure consumable distribution to supply chain management. Under FAvSís guidance API opened facilities in Montreal, the Philippines, Shanghai and initiated partnerships throughout the world. API developed supply chain programs for Rolls Royce, Honeywell, Cirrus, Dassault, Lufthansa and FedEx, among others. API with sales of $70 million in CY2012 was sold to Resilience Capital Partners in March of 2013.