Extensive Financial Expertise,
Keen Industry Understanding

First Equity is proud to be the aerospace industry's leading investment banking firm. Founded in 1985, we provide guidance in the growth and development of aerospace and defense companies, and have concluded over $3 billion in transactions. Our clients are industry leaders, and more than half of our assignments are international.

We guide companies the world over on a full range of business and financial issues - from mergers and acquisitions, to raising capital, to financial restructuring. By combining extensive financial expertise with our keen understanding of the industry's challenges, we are uniquely positioned to create opportunities, identify key industry leaders, build strategic partnerships, and develop successful transactions.

First Equity is also an active financial principal in a range of companies, including some outside our traditional aerospace focus.

Please see the Merchant Banking section for more information on our principal activities.

At First Equity, our prosperity depends on the success of our work.